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fashionistahs's Journal

daily celeb fashion inspiration
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the best source in daily celeb fashion and style

Welcome to FASHIONISTAHS, LJ's first and best community focused entirely on celebrity fashion. Created by WHORELIKEDIOR on August 5, 2006, photos of celebrity outfits are posted daily and frequently to get you inspired. Posts are friends only so you must join to see the entries ♥

Chrissy (DECLARES) → owner, maintainer, poster
Ava (KISSMYTAN) → poster
Chris (AUTOKISS) → poster
Emma (VENTURE) → poster, mod
Heather (HOLLISTER54) → poster
Jen (JENUYNE) → poster
Jennie (AIRKISSED) → poster
Jennifer (___HEYVANITY) → poster
Karen (LOVELYMANNEQUIN) → poster
Sara (THE_ARISTOBRAT) → poster
Sophie (PEZENAS) → poster
Tiffany (ONCELACED) → poster

+ There are no 'look for less' or 'where do I get this?' posts
+ Pictures posted are of celebs & models in candids or on the red carpet.
+ All pictures are HQ.
+ Don't take, hotlink, or repost our pictures - anywhere D:
+ Don't use our pics in graphics. If you want the originals, ask the poster.
+ Don't bash members, posters, poster's opinions, the works.
+ Comment and love !
+ Wanna bitch & moan about a celeb and NOT their style? Do it elsewhere or it's an automatic trip down to ban_set lane.

Check out our TAGS to see which celebrities we've covered and those we're planning to cover.

Feel free to drop us a line HERE.

Check out ALTIMETRIE for fashion icons.

Want to be a part of all the fun and become a poster? Check for updates HERE.

Original overrides by the wonderful WISHED @ AMOURED and background by EPINETTES.

Questions, comments, concerns? EMAIL US.

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